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Storytelling in music

An American composer, arranger, and orchestrator, Eric Buchholz brings stories to life through orchestral hybrid music. His work has appeared in AAA video game titles, blockbuster Hollywood films, international concert tours, and at the top of the Billboard charts.

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Early Career

Eric Buchholz started his music career during high school, arranging video game music for the online music group Zelda Reorchestrated. He spent years learning the skills needed to arrange and produce tracks across a wide variety of styles, gaining renown within the video game community for his orchestration and realizations. In 2011, Eric was brought on board the official Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony concert team as an assistant to music director Chad Seiter. He spent two years in college studying composition while assisting Nintendo’s international Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert tour.

In 2013, Eric dropped out of college and moved to Seattle to work full time as a freelance contractor and assistant to Chad and Susie Seiter. For years, he learned as much as possible about composing and orchestrating for live orchestras, working on dozens of projects. Eric worked on the 2016 Microsoft title, ReCore, as music production supervisor and orchestrator, featuring the Philharmonia Orchestra at AIR Studios in London and the Northwest Sinfonia Chorale in Seattle. In summer of 2018, Eric toured with rock band Evanescence and violinist Lindsey Stirling during their co-headline tour as conductor’s technician for Susie Seiter.

Current status

Eric currently lives near Seattle working as a freelance composer and orchestrator. He recently provided orchestrations for composer Gareth Coker on video games Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Darksiders Genesis, and for composer Austin Wintory on his latest game score, ERICA. With more exiting projects on the horizon, Eric looks forward to collaborating with other creators and telling new stories through music.

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Awards & Affiliations

Eric received two G.A.N.G. Remix Awards in 2017 for Hero of Time, “Best Symphonic Remix” and “Best Remix Album.” Hero of Time has aired on KUSC radio, the largest non-profit classical radio station in the United States, and also charted #1 on Billboard Classical and #2 on Billboard Vinyl. Eric has presented panels at PAX Prime, MAGFest, VGM Con, and Gamer’s Rhapsody. He is an active member of Materia Collective, the Game Audio Network Guild, the Los Angeles chapter of the International Game Developers Association, and is affiliated with BMI performing rights organization.


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